Building a peace and environmental alliance between Asocars-Redprodepaz

Representatives from the Redprodepaz and Asocars got together on September 6, to foresee a possible alliance between the network of Regional Environmental Corporations (CARs) and the Network of Peace Programs (PDPs) on environment and peace vision and actions. During the meeting, Jorge Tovar (Director of the Redprodepaz) and Ramon Leal (Director of ASOCARS) welcomed the attendees, and explained that the meeting was an open invitation to exchange views on the environmental challenges and opportunities of the Havana peace agreement and ELN negotiation, understand the current work of both networks and explore a common agenda for action.

Claudia Martinez (Director of E3-Ecology, Economics and Ethics-) made a presentation of the environmental challenges and opportunities of the implementation of the Havana Agreement , with a special emphasis on the first point on rural development. Luz Elena Sarmiento (former minister of environment and current negotiator of the ELN peace process) presented progress in the ELN negotiations and expressed the need to have a solid platform of participation, involving the territorial voices on environment and peace.

The participants exchanged views on possible ideas to ensure and effective and informative dialogue. They also commented on current programs and activities already happening at the territorial level involving CARs and PDps, like the work in the “Magdalena Centro Region” managing river basins in a collaborative manner or the work of the Uraba Climate and peace Plan. The idea to develop an ecosystems for peace program in selected territories was briefly explained including las Quinchas in Boyaca, Perija in Cesar, and Las Hermosas in Tolima. The participants agreed on the power of uniting their common knowledge and actions, and the opportunity to have an environmental incidence in the new peace agreement with the ELN.