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Tourist Routes for Forest and Peace

Tourist Routes for forest and peace The Tourist Routes for Forests and Peace project seeks to reduce deforestation, prevent the emission of GHG, and strengthen the social fabric through community tourism in three strategic ecosystems. The first one is Bocas del Atrato in the municipality of Turbo, which is characteristic of its unique biodiversity typical […]

WWF and FOLU call for urgent action to align food systems, biodiversity and land use during 4th Assembly of the Tropical Forest Alliance (TFA)

The Tropical Forest Alliance Annual Meeting 2019, co-hosted by the Government of Colombia and TFA Colombia Alliance, took place from 6-8 May in Bogotá Colombia, and focused on how to scale up and transform global and regional leadership and innovative business models geared at galvanizing tangible action on the forest and commodities agenda. Under the theme, “A Forest Positive Future: Accelerating the Decade of Delivery”, the 4th TFA Annual Meeting convened more than 150 high-level global and regional leaders from governments, business and civil society to accelerate efforts to reduce/eliminate commodity-driven deforestation.

Roadmap for the New Economy of Food and Land Use – FOLU Colombia

There is a path of economic development for Colombia that increases the productivity of the agricultural sector, opens up markets and simultaneously boosts rural development, keeping in line with the sustainability agenda and the desire to maintain a lasting peace. This document presents a Roadmap for a New Economy of Food and Land Use, developed […]

Context Document for FOLU Colombia

The following document presents an initial look at the pillars that conform the FOLU initiative on a global level, as a contribution to the discussion for the development of a roadmap of actions that integrally contribute to the economy of land use and food in Colombia. FOLU is a global initiative that connects various actors […]

Roadmap: actions to establish a green bond market in Colombia

This document has been developed to support the Colombia Government and especially the Financial Management Committee of SISCLIMA, in understanding the potential of green bonds as instruments for financing programs and projects aimed at green growth and climate-compatible development in Colombia, and to undertake actions for the development of a successful green bond market in […]