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Ecosystems for Peace

The “Peaceful Ecosystems” project strives toward the promotion of sustainability during the peace treaty process Colombia is undertaking, supporting the transformation of territories that have undergone conflict scenarios in areas of peace building, into productive and sustainable terrain. By connecting operators in the regions, this project intends to forge a common vision to strengthen the […]

Climate Change and Peace Plan

CORPOURABA, CORDUPAZ and E3 have built the Climate Change and Peace Plan for the Uraba Antioqueño, Nutibara and Urrao region. It is the first plan in Colombia that brings together the dimensions of peace and climate compatible development, seeking to convert climate change into an opportunity for sustainable development and serving the purpose of peace […]

Territories, The Environment And New Economies

E3 is helping the Redprodepaz to implement new economies and mainstream environmental considerations in their portfolio of action, thus contributing to strengthen the peace building processes in Colombia. Making peace in Colombia, a country rich in natural resources and biodiversity, involves understanding the territory and its environmental dynamics, especially in the cases of water, land […]