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Tourist Routes for Forest and Peace

Tourist Routes for forest and peace The Tourist Routes for Forests and Peace project seeks to reduce deforestation, prevent the emission of GHG, and strengthen the social fabric through community tourism in three strategic ecosystems. The first one is Bocas del Atrato in the municipality of Turbo, which is characteristic of its unique biodiversity typical […]

FOLU Coalition – New Food and Land use Economy in Colombia

FOLU is a global initiative that connects entrepreneurs, investors, government entities, the scientific community, the academy, organized local communities, civil society organizations, trade unions, and multilateral organizations, within public-private coalitions. This is done in order to transform the world’s food and land use systems by identifying solutions that can rearrange these systems and turn them […]

Competitiveness Green Growth and Climate Change

Colombia has set the ambitious goal of reducing its GHG emissions by 20% by 2030. This commitment, which was presented at COP21, is also in line with the goal of joining the OECD. In both cases, this means transforming the economy, generating adequate public policies and incentives and gradually involving the private sector so that […]


E3 acted as a platform for the establishment of Sistema B Foundation in Colombia between 2012 and 2014, including the promotion of the B Movement in this country. B-Corporations are a new type of company that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems, redefining the sense of entrepreneurial success. They are for-profit […]

Green Business

E3 and Portafolio Verde developed a consultancy to promote and strengthen green businesses in strategic sectors of the Colombian economy. This work, financed by the Inter-American Development Bank and the Colombian Ministry of the Environment, focused on identifying strategies and actions to strengthen value chains in the agriculture and organic-trade sectors, sustainable construction and eco-tourism, […]

Sustainable Public Procurement

The Marrakesh Agreement included Colombia as one of the 12 countries to carry out a sustainable public procurement pilot. In this context, and in line with the creation of the new Colombia Compra Eficiente (Colombia Efficient Procurement), E3 developed the guidelines for sustainable public procurement for Colombia. This project has allowed defining the potential of […]

Sustainable Investments and Exports

E3 developed the Environmental Strategy of Proexport (currently PROCOLOMBIA), the agency that promotes Colombian exports, foreign investment and tourism in Colombia. This project included an analysis to attract sustainable investments, promote green exports and develop an eco-tourism strategy in line with the country’s environmental and social potentialities. This initiative was strategic since it allowed the […]

Sustainable Investments

E3 designed the Sustainable Investment Strategy for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism of Colombia, after reviewing the opportunities that result from the different Free Trade Agreements, as well as the current incentives and disincentives that exist to strengthen sustainable foreign investments. The project has also allowed us to analyse concrete examples of foreign […]