Climate Change Leadership

Improving Governance for Climate Compatible Development at the Subnational Level

Elections of the new Governors and Mayors in 2015, as well as the prospect of creating municipal and departmental development plans, and Land-use Plans (POTs), provided a unique opportunity to incorporate climate change considerations into local planning tools. That is why the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), Semana Sostenible, Semana Educación, and the Colombian Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, joined forces to develop a didactic guide that explains to subnational leaders what is climate change, why it is key to address the issue for the development of their regions and how to form actions aimed at improving their adaptation and mitigation performance as a result of new climate projections. It has been shared out among the 1,199 Colombian municipalities, the 33 departmental governments and at several events attended by Mayors and Governors prior to the creation of the new development plans that will be in force until 2019. A 10-hour online course was also developed for local leaders, which is now available on ESAP's virtual platform.