FOLU Coalition – New Food and Land use Economy in Colombia

FOLU is a global initiative that connects entrepreneurs, investors, government entities, the scientific community, the academy, organized local communities, civil society organizations, trade unions, and multilateral organizations, within public-private coalitions. This is done in order to transform the world's food and land use systems by identifying solutions that can rearrange these systems and turn them into powerful engines of sustainable growth.

The initiative originally works in four countries: Colombia, Indonesia, Australia, and Ethiopia. It is also developing a collective outlook from the Nordic countries point of view (Norway, Denmark, Finland, and Sweden). In Colombia E3 and the "Alta Consejería para el Posconflicto" (Higher Council for Post-conflict) have led the cooperative construction of a roadmap that unites different parties in innovative proposals to move towards a path of economic development in Colombia, which will increase the productivity of the agricultural sector, open up markets and at the same time promote rural development. All the while following the sustainability agenda and the desire to maintain lasting peace.

This Roadmap focuses on four strategic thrusts, which envision a series of primary actions to fulfill a vision of change until 2030.
The first thrust deals with the construction of sustainable and productive territories, on which it will be possible to increase agricultural production, avoid deforestation and restore damaged lands. The second thrust aims to fulfill the desire to feed every Colombian, without generating losses or waste. It also aspires to make the national food system more efficient and generate awareness, ultimately improving people’s lifestyle according to their social and cultural characteristics.  The third thrust intents to promote fair and efficient markets that help bring the countryside closer to the city and international markets. The fourth thrust focuses on developing a form of innovation, science, and technology which includes a framework for communication and gaining information. This aims to inspire all partners in agricultural value chains, from farmers to successful entrepreneurs, combining traditional knowledge with the advances of modern agriculture. In order to achieve the goals of these four strategic thrusts, it is necessary to simultaneously move forward in three cross-cutting thrusts: governance, financing and monitoring.

By means of bilateral meetings, workshops with multiple participants and thematic working groups, the main elements presented in this roadmap of the FOLU Colombia Initiative have been constructed with a vision for 2030. The FOLU initiative for Colombia has an initial time prospect of 3 years. This first stage is intended to promote public and private dynamics that will implement further actions in a coordinated and complementary manner, finally resulting in great economic, social, environmental and political benefits for Colombia.