Green Growth Plan in Eastern Antioquia

The Green Growth and Climate Compatible Development Plan for Eastern Antioquia is a pioneer process that links the dimensions of climate change, development and green growth at regional level in Colombia. Eastern Antioquia is an economically dynamic region that has a strong industrial development, is a key area for food production and produces more than 30% of the power of the country. It also has a great variety of climates and a rich biodiversity. However, it is also very vulnerable to climate change and has high poverty levels. In this context, the Plan led by CORNARE, in partnership with WWF Colombia, Fundación Natura, the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), proposes strategic actions to promote green growth and resilient low emission development in the region, thus creating new opportunities for the welfare of its population and competitiveness of productive sectors and industries. This planning exercise will be a strategic model for developing the national green growth policy and inspiring other regional authorities to take effective actions for climate compatible development and green growth at the regional level. This process is also particularly relevant as Colombia is looking to apply to the OECD and develop its national green growth policy.