PLAN 4C Cartagena

Plan 4C is the first essential climate change plan for a coastal city in Colombia. With this Plan, which was created in a participatory manner and has been driven by 5 different administrations, Cartagena now has a roadmap with specific actions to promote a competitive and resilient city by the year 2040. Today, Plan 4C is part of the City’s Development Plan and Land Use Plan. A Climate Change Commission that gathers public, private, academic and community sectors was created to support implementation. Moreover, the process has produced strategic scientific knowledge to understand the vulnerability in terms of climate change of Cartagena and its islands. CDKN is financing part of the implementation of the plan which is now promoted by the Cartagena Planning Department, in partnership with the Cartagena investing agency – INVEST IN Cartagena. The local partners are now undertaking actions to develop the model for a neighborhood adapted to the environment, to promote climate compatible industries, ports, and tourism. It also
plans on protecting the World Heritage status of Cartagena and restoring the ecosystems in its urban and island areas.