Cambiado: The Huila Plan 2050 is the first integral climate change plan for a department in Colombia. This project, financed by USAID, was developed in one of the most strategically important regions of the country because of its great potential for hydrology (River Magdalena), energy generation and a dynamic agricultural sector (coffee, rice, and beans). This project permitted the creation of a long-term vision for its territory and to prioritize actions with the public and private authorities in sectors such as water, biodiversity, eco-systemic services, agriculture, energy, and models for more resilient municipalities. Additionally, this project made it possible to evaluate the emissions of greenhouse gases for the department, analyze the future climate vulnerability of its 39 municipalities, and generate a pioneer diagnosis of financial resources for climate change. Today, CAM and the Huila Government are promoting the implementation of Plan Huila 2050 and municipalities such as Pitalito are now role models for other Colombian rural municipalities by becoming leaders in promoting concrete actions for adapting to climate change.