Plan VÍAS-CC is the first sectorial adaptation plan in Colombia. This pioneering plan, funded by the Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN), is even more important now that the Government of Colombia is promoting the most ambitious road infrastructure program in its history (i.e. the fourth generation of highway concessions - 4G) with an investment close to $18.3 billion USD to modernize the main road corridors and improve the competitiveness of the sector. Plan VÍAS-CC constitutes a roadmap for building more resilient roads, making long term cost-effective investments, and gradually incorporating adaptation in planning, financing, operations and maintenance of major highways in the country. As a result of the Plan, the first climate risk assessment for the primary road system and pilots for climate vulnerability analysis at the road segment level were carried out. Moreover, the Ministry of Transport established an Inter-Institutional Climate Change Committee and a Working Group on Climate Change to implement the climate change agenda in the sector.