Road Plan – CC: climate-compatible roadways

Road Plan - CC: climate-compatible roadways

The development of road infrastructure is one of Colombia's great bets. Better roads contribute to the connectivity of the different regions of the country and at the same time boost competitiveness, regional development and stimulate various sectors of the economy. The country now has a limited primary road network, which is requiring significant investment to generate fourth generation roads with the contribution of both public and private actors. In this context, this document represents the first Climate Change Adaptation Plan of the Primary Road Network of Colombia, which understands the variables that affect our roads, the capacity we have as a sector to adapt and identify the necessary actions to ensure stable roads, durable and adapted to the climate of the future. The VÍAS-CC Plan presents the concrete measures to be undertaken by the various entities that make up the sector to integrate climate variables from planning to the operation of the road network.

Year: 2014
ISBN 978-958-58875-0-3  |  ISBN 978-958-58875-1-0