Strategic Advising

The environment in the public services and ITC´s

E3 carried out a consultancy for the National Association of Communications and Public Services- ANDESCO to understand how to address and include environmental considerations with a forward-looking vision in the public-services sector that include water, energy and waste as well as ITC´s companies. This work focused primarily on the construction of scenarios of environmental opportunities for public services and ITC including a proposal on how to develop an efficient, profitable and responsible business activity with environmental considerations. The proposal also included concrete actions for ANDESCO and its affiliates to promote environmental opportunities and minimize adverse environmental impacts.

Amazon Climate Security agenda

E3 in cooperation with Alisos conducted the analysis to understand the nexus between water, energy and agriculture in the Colombian Amazon basin, within the framework of an integral project on Amazon Climate security led by CDKN and the Global Canopy Program carried out in parallel in Colombia, Peru, Brazil.

Evaluation of the program “Incentives for Conservation”

E3 carried out the evaluation of the programme "Incentives for conservation" implemented by the “Fondo de Patrimonio Natural” supported by the Netherlands' Embassy in Colombia. This evaluation consisted in analyzing the impact of the program in different regions of the country where they invested in innovative options to promote incentives to preserve strategic ecosystems with communities, businesses and public authorities.

Sustainable Tourism in the Magdalena River

E3 developed a socio-environmental assessment for NSM consultants to structure and design tourist products for the coastal municipalities of the upper Magdalena River in the departments of Tolima, Huila, Cundinamarca and the municipality of Mompox in the Bolivar department. The project also included the generation of opportunities for ecotourism in areas with a high social potential in line with the comprehensive vision of Cormagdalena, the entity that seeks to promote sustainable development options along the Magdalena river.

Strategy to vision of the Amazon Research Institute - SINCHI

E3 supported the Sinchi Institute in the development of its strategic vision and action plan to improve its institutional program and diversify the funding sources for development of the Colombian Amazon.