Territories, The Environment And New Economies

E3 is helping the Redprodepaz to implement new economies and mainstream environmental considerations in their portfolio of action, thus contributing to strengthen the peace building processes in Colombia. Making peace in Colombia, a country rich in natural resources and biodiversity, involves understanding the territory and its environmental dynamics, especially in the cases of water, land and other natural resources. It also implies creating strategies to avoid the emergence of new conflicts over the use of natural resources and develop sustainable economic alternatives. In this context, the support of E3 is focusing on developing environmental indicators for all the Development and Peace Programs led by Redprodepaz as well as generating a process of knowledge and experience sharing, thus strengthening the capacity of Redprodepaz, particularly in fostering new economies and sustainable entrepreneurships. E3 is also leading pilot projects in strategic ecosystems that were emblematic scenarios of war, in order to build, together with its inhabitants, a future of peace and sustainable development.