Tourist Routes for Forest and Peace

Tourist Routes for forest and peace

The Tourist Routes for Forests and Peace project seeks to reduce deforestation, prevent the emission of GHG, and strengthen the social fabric through community tourism in three strategic ecosystems. The first one is Bocas del Atrato in the municipality of Turbo, which is characteristic of its unique biodiversity typical of the mangroves of the Gulf of Urabá. The second one is the Serranía del Perijá in the municipalities of La Jagua de Ibirico and Becerril, which stands out for its history of peace, resilience, and sustainability. The third one is the Serranía de las Quinchas in the municipality of Otanche, which has the last fragment of the tropical rainforest of Magdalena Medio and is home to a large number of endemic species diversity.

This initiative is being developed within the framework of the UK-PACT Colombia program of the Ministry of Business, Energy, Industry, and Strategy – BEIS UK from the United Kingdom Embassy. Also, it is part of the processes that have been developed in the three territories with the Development and Peace Programs. For example, within the Perijá-Zapatosa Roadmap developed together with the PDPC, the environmental and community tourism was defined as one of the options to change livelihoods and restore nature. In Bocas del Atrato, we work within the framework of the Climate and Peace Plan 2040 of Urabá, carried out with the support of CORDUPAZ and CORPOURABA, in which community and restorative tourism are one of the options to boost new forces. Las Quinchas works with BOYAPAZ in the Quinchas Alliance, with an environment and development plan and peace for alternatives to reforestation and promoting peace.


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